Finding Hot and Cold Water Leaks

Active Leak Detection's dedicated team specialise in locating leaks in pools, spas and hot and cold water pipes.

Active Leak Detection is based on the NSW Central Coast. Active Leak Detection can arrange our technicians to provide service to other areas of NSW on request.

At Active Leak Detection we use modern, safe and environmentally friendly techniques to precisely locate leaks to save you, your clients and customers, time and money that may otherwise be spent extensive and ineffective investigations and excavations. Our services allow you to have repairs carried out in a time and cost effective manner.

Active Leak Detection can normally locate broken pipes, even under concrete and pavers to within 1m of the leak. This saves time, money and energy when the other option may be to excavate the whole yard.

Active Leak Detection can locate structural leaks in full clean pools and spas. After we have located a leak Active Leak Detection can provide permanent or temporary repair of broken pipes and structural leaks to concrete, fibreglass and vinyl liner pools and spas without the need to empty them.

Active Leak Detection also locates domestic hot and cold water leaks in other areas of your home. A leak under the foundation or in front of your home is never pleasant It can result in large areas of concrete removal as well as excess time, energy and money that could be put to better use. You can be assured that Active Leak Detection uses state-of-the-art equipment and methodology to keep inconvenience and cost at an all-time-low, while finding the problem in the most efficient way possible.

The team at Active Leak Detection guarantee you fast, effective and professional service that will be carried out at the scheduled time with minimal disruption to your day. Our technicians will always behave with the highest level of professionalism and leave all work areas in a tidy manner. You will always be informed of all results found at the completion of each job and reports are available upon request.

Active Leak Detection also offers Pre-Purchase Inspections. In days of rising house prices and repair bills it is prudent to check the condition of the pool and associated lines as a condition of purchase, just as you do with buildings and pest inspections. Active Leak Detection can determine if there is a pool or spa leak present and can complete a full structural dive and pipe pressure test to ensure the pool and associated lines are in good running condition. You will be provided with a report of all findings for your peace of mind.

Active Leak Detection is a registered, insured business operating in NSW Australia using licensed contractors.
LIC:  277201C (Plumber, Roof Plumber, Drainer, Gas Fitter, LP Gas Fitter)
ABN: 46 512 671 198

Servicing the NSW Central Coast