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Customerís Responsibilities

 It is the responsibility of the customer to

 a) arrange the following;

- diversion of any storm water ,sewer or water supply pipe, electricity cables, telephone cable or gas pipes

- the removal of any structures necessary to locate and/or repair leaks

- the removal of any trees and tree stumps

- the excavation of any rock

b)prepare any lawns, shrubs, plants and trees that are required for re-planting. Active Leak Detection does not provide this service and takes no responsibility for landscaping or re-planting.

c) supply any water required for re-filling of any swimming pool or spa

d) ensure that no new pathways or structures are constructed over any exposed repairs prior to completion of work by Active Leak  Detection

e) ensure that all electrical supply to any pool or spa equipment, including underwater pool or spa lights, has been installed safely by a licensed electrical contractor and meets all safety regulations and standards.

(f) ensure that all safety requirements are met, gates to pool must close/lock and and fence/enclosure must be of a satisfactory standard. It is a liability for Active Leak detection not to report unsafe environments. 

If these responsibilities are not met excess cost may occur.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide reasonable access to the property in order for services to be completed. It is the customers responsibility to notify Active Leak Detection if the there will be no one at the property and to inform Active Leak Detection of how entry should be gained. If on arrival reasonable access to the property can not be gained by Active Leak Detection a call out fee will apply.

It is the responsibility of the customer to have the pool or spa in the following condition

          - the pool or spa must be filled to a running level

            - the pool or spa must be clean of debris and the water clear

If these responsibilities are not met excess cost may occur.

The customer shall be liable for the cost of the replacement or repair of any pathways or structures removed during the course of Active Leak Detections investigations. Active Leak Detection will return surfaces to a concrete finish but accept no liability for other surfacing including but not limited to Stencil, Pebble or Painted surfaces.

It is the customerís responsibility to read, in full, and understand the Terms and Conditions as set out by Active Leak Detection.

Payment Terms

Payment of amount invoiced by Active Leak Detection is to be made in full on completion of work and receipt of invoice.

The customer agrees to pay to Active Leak Detection any additional charges occurring in relation to payment made by customer via credit card. 

The customer is responsible for and agrees to pay any excess cost incurred by Active Leak Detection in regards to dishonoured payments made by customer. These will be charged at the current rate charged by Active Leak Detections Financial Institution.


To obtain the benefit of the warranty to the customer must notify Active Leak detection of the alleged defect or continuing leak no later than thirty (30) days after initial service has been provided.

In the event of the Customer being unsatisfied with the service provided by Active Leak Detection, the Customer agrees to allow Active Leak Detection an opportunity to rectify the said service. Where the Customer refuses or otherwise prevents Active Leak Detection from rectifying the works, to the full extent permitted by law, the liability of Active Leak Detection to the Customer for the works shall be extinguished and the Customer will be liable to Active Leak Detection for payment in full of the invoices.
8.4 Active Leak Detection warrants that if after completion of full testing including Structural Dive Test and full Pipe Pressure test and/or temporary or permanent repair by our technician there appears to be a on going leak the following will occur -Active Leak Detection will re investigate the area under warranty

Active Leak Detection reserves the right at its discretion to perform an Evaporation Test to determine if a leak is present before commencing any investigation

The warranty does not cover any damage of defect that may have been caused wholly or in part by or arise through;           

          -  failure on the part of the customer to maintain the goods

          - tampering with any repairs completed by Active Leak Detection

- failure to comply with any instructions or guidelines set out by Active Leak Detection

- fair wear and tear, any accident or act of God.

The warranty shall be void in the event that the customer, or a third party, carries out any repairs, alterations or maintenance to the goods without the express written consent of Active Leak Detection  

The above terms are an excerpt of the full document. Please download and read the full Terms and Conditions. Our office is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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